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Are you in 2 minds whether to invest in a Curl Talk Satin Bonnet or Pillowcase?

Does it really make that much of a difference?

Having a night routine and protecting your hair while you sleep is very important and lets just face it when you're a busy mum of 3, TIME is even more essential.

Personally when creating this line of products to protect and care for curls, my no 1 goal was to help my curl friends get closer to wash day, with little to no effort and save BOTH time and money (because natural products are not cheap).

It is no secret, that cotton is not great for hair, especially curls.

-it absorbs the moisture that your curls really need to stay hydrated.

As well as creating frizz and tangles, dry hair is more susceptible to breakage.

I always found with having delicate edges, using a cotton pillowcase was too harsh and suffered breakage, thats not to mention it not being great for my skin.

Curl Talk Bonnet.

Creating this Bonnet truly changed the game for my curls!

Being a 'lazy curly' I want my wash and go to stretch as long as possible and finally my Curl Talk Bonnet has allowed me to achieve that.

Having tried lots of crazy ways to protect my crown of curls while I sleep and being frustrated with nothing working, creating something that would fit my hair, but also STAY ON MY HEAD was key.

(Even the most active sleeper can rest assured knowing that they will wake up with their curls intact). 🙌

Curl Talk Bonnet Benefits:

  • Cute style with extra room to fit all curls types.

  • Keeping styles, your wash and go neat and curls undisturbed.

  • Protects from breakage and helps retain moisture.

  • Made from the highest quality of Vegan satin and a much softer and cheaper alternative to silk.

  • Double layered.

  • You can pineapple first or simply lower curls into the bonnet.

(The slide off and go has never been so easy).

Curl Talk Pillowcase

If wearing a bonnet isn't for you or you just want that extra protection.

(I personally can't sleep without my pillowcase, I even take it on holiday!) 😁

This must have for all curlies, helps to keep your skin and hair hydrated, prevents breakage and split ends, as well as protection for both eyelashes and brows.

Curl Talk Pillowcase Benefits:

  • Celebrity secret for wrinkles and signs of ageing.

  • Made from the highest quality of Vegan satin and a much softer and cheaper alternative to silk.

  • Available in both white and black.

Curl Talk Scrunchie.

I mean who doesn't love a pineapple.

This is my go to style to keep my hair off my face, without denting or disturbing my curl pattern.

The band is tight enough to tie round securely and can easily slide off without creating any damage.

Who else was sick of ripping bands out of their hair?

Curl Talk Scrunchie:

  • Stylish gentle band that is kind to curls.

  • Perfect to pineapple and a great accessory.


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