Curl Prep

How To Prepare For Your Appointment

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Thank you all for your continued support.

There will be new rules to follow to keep the salon a safe environment. (PLEASE READ BELOW)

We will also be making sure the salon is kept to the highest standard of cleanliness.

Curl Talk Salon Reopening Policies.



-Due to social distancing Clients will be asked to attend their appointment alone, unless the client is a child and then one parent/guardian will one allowed to accompany them.


-A face mask will be required for all appointments, if you forget or do not have one, one will be provided at the cost of £1.


-Please DO NOT attend if you are feeling unwell. If you are feeling unwell please let us know that you will not be attending your appointment otherwise you will lose your deposit and may have to pay remaining balance.


-Clients are to come with freshly washed, styled and hair to be dry. we. cut the hair dry so need to see your hair in its best state to cut in this way.(product is fine just no oils please)


-When you enter please wash hands or use the hand sanitiser provided.


-A hood dryer may be used to dry hair if necessary.


-Unfortunately drinks will not be provided during this time but you are more then welcome to bring in your own.




DON'T - arrive with your hair wet, or in a ponytail/ bun/ twist out/ braid out or any manufactured curls 

(if it is not in a state we can work with to dry cut, you will still be charged but may not be able to be seen)


DO - come with an open mind (any Inspiration pictures are always great to see)


DON'T - use oils or products that are really heavy or greasy. 


There will be a detangling fee of +£20 for every 15 mins for detangling if hair comes in really knotted or matted.

-the stylist may refuse to do the hair if it is in a matted state.

My terms and conditions must be read before booking any appointments. Click here >>