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Curl Prep&policies

How To Prepare For Your Appointment

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DON'T - arrive with your hair wet, or in a ponytail/ bun/ twist out/ braid out or any style that stretches or changes your natural curl pattern.

(if it is not in a state we can work with to dry cut, you will still be charged but may not be able to be seen)


DO - cleanse, condition, fully detangle and style hair (with products) so we can see how your curls sit and your curls pattern etc.

(unless you are booked for a Wash and go, we will do all of this for you!)


DON'T - style the hair with hair products that are excessively greasy/oily use- examples (butters and oils)

DO - have hair throughly dry.

DO- come with an open mind (any Inspiration pictures are always great to see)


There will be a detangling fee of +£20 for every 15 mins for detangling if hair comes in really knotted or matted.

-the stylist may refuse to do the hair if it is in a matted state.

Terms and conditions must be read before booking any appointments. Click here >>

If you do not follow this curl preparation, your appointment could be cancelled and you will be charged in full.
hair needs to be in a state where we can cut dry.
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