We are now using Colourstart for all of our skin testing. Insurance companies will no longer cover us to skin test every six months in salon and want us to skin test every appointment with each chosen colour.

This is not possible for most of you and difficult for stylists as they may want to change your colour choices on the day.

Colourstart not only allows us to avoid this but it is an approved, safe way to protect you going forward and the best part about it, is that it only has to be done once (unless your medical circumstances change).

Colourstart have their own revolutionary passport system that allows you to go to any salon of your choice in the UK and worldwide to have your colour done and all you have to do is show them your passport on your Colourstart app to book your appointment.

No new patch test required. This will cover all colour brands. You could even have a walk in appointment at a new salon which would have never been possible before.

Skin Testing At Curl Talk as a colour-responsible salon, we have a rigorous skin testing policy in place to ensure our clients do not experience an allergic reaction to the hair colour products we use.  Rest assured, we comply with strict guidance from our suppliers & insurance companies when it comes to skin testing.

In the aftermath of the Covid pandemic, there are even more reasons why you will need a skin test. Those who must have a skin test include:

* Individuals who have had Coronavirus as there has been an increase in people becoming sensitive to hair colour.

* People who have coloured their hair at home.

* Those who have not visited the salon for 6 months or longer. 

* Clients who are new to Curl Talk and would like their hair coloured.

Reactions to hair colour can range from mild to severe and in some cases life-threatening so it is vital you have a skin test.


 Curl Talk will be offering free in-house allergy tests which must be carried out 48 hours prior to your hair colour appointment.  All you have to do is pop in and a member of our team will assist you.

We also have a second option where clients can buy an online skin test from Colourstart which can be performed at home 5 days before your hair colour appointment.  This is known as the Colourstart Passport Scheme. 


How it works

Colourstart consists of an adhesive patch that contains two small, separate squares. One square contains a small amount of PPD (this is the positive ‘+’ part), the other contains no PPD (this is the negative ‘-‘ part) and is used for comparison only.

The patch is applied to an easily visible part of the arm at least 5 days before an appointment for hair colour. The patch is left on for at least 48 hours (2 days) and then removed. 48 hrs (2 days) later, the arm can be inspected for any sign of a reaction.

By carefully answering a simple set of questions on the colourstart passport app, Colourstart Passport can help you decide if Colourstart is suitable for you to use. Your answers may also help you make an informed decision on whether you should avoid hair colour. Colourstart Passport stores the answers to your questions and also any pictures you have taken of your test result.


Why do I have to pay for my new Colourstart passport?


The Colourstart Passport has been classed as a medicine by the Medicines and Healthcare Products regulatory agency and by law medicines have to be charged for. The Colourstart passport costs £15.  

We as a salon have to purchase these to send out to you. We do not get them for free. All Colourstart skin tests cost the same in any salon you go to. Please do remember that this is a one off payment. In the future you do not need a new test. You simply need to go to your app and follow the screening questions to get your check on your passport.